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Neck Ease™

Neck Ease™

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Say hello to neck relaxation and comfort with Neck Ease, your ultimate solution for targeted and deep massage

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of Neck Ease, the electric neck massager with advanced gel pad technology that delivers a deep, relaxing massage to the neck and shoulders. Experience the ultimate in customizable massage intensity, with adjustable levels to suit your preferences. Soothe sore muscles, improve blood flow, and increase flexibility with Neck Ease, the ultimate in targeted neck massage.

Advanced Gel Pad Technology: Neck Ease's gel pad technology provides a smooth, comfortable surface that conforms to your neck and shoulders, ensuring an effective and comfortable massage.

Fully Customizable Massage: With adjustable intensity levels, Neck Ease offers you the freedom to choose the perfect massage intensity to meet your needs.

Optional Heat Therapy: Enjoy the added benefit of heat therapy, which can help to relax your neck muscles and enhance your massage experience.

Easy Portability: Compact and lightweight, Neck Ease is the perfect companion for on-the-go relaxation, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Easy Maintenance: With high-quality, hygienic materials that are easy to clean and maintain, Neck Ease is the ultimate in convenient and easy-to-use neck massagers.


Product Name: Neck Ease Electric Cervical Massager
Using Mode: A-F (6 modes)
Frequency: 1-100HZ
Working time: 12 minutes (each round)
Output: Maximum 9.8mA
Weight: 55g
Quantity: 1 main device, 1 replaceable pad (, USB cable if rechargable)
Color: black and blue
Size: 7.5cm*15.5cm*2.5cm


1. Place the Massage patch pads at desired areas of the body
2. Please push the power on button
3. Select a mode
4. Adjustment the output level
5. The working time is 12 minutes per round

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